The Unit

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 Hand surgery Acute trauma, post trauma and elective cases. As wrist surgery in this state is principally performed by the orthopaedic surgeons, exposure to this area is limited.
 Adult craniofacial surgery Secondary reconstruction for congenital conditions as well as acute trauma, post-trauma/cancer reconstruction working in conjunction with the neurosurgeons or ENT surgeons as the case requires.
 Head and Neck cancer  There is close collaboration with the ENT surgeons in this hospital with flaps done on a 1-2 weekly basis following resection of head and neck cancers. The multidisciplinary head and neck clinic is conducted every Monday morning.
 Breast surgery Reconstruction following mastectomy with tissue expanders, latissimus dorsi flaps, TRAM/DIEP flaps and fat grafting are routinely done by the surgeons in this unit. Breast reductions and balancing mastopexies/augmentations are also performed here although more cosmetic procedures such as augmentations are not.
 Skin cancers  Western Australia has one of the world’s highest rates for skin cancers and by the end of the term, the fellow will have achieved a hands on masterclass experience in the diagnosis and management of advanced and complex skin cancers.
 Sarcoma SCGH is the principal referral centre for soft tissue sarcomas in the state and as a result, the fellow will have an opportunity to be involved in the multidisciplinary discussions as well as the reconstructive management of these cases.
 Lower Limb Trauma Working with the orthopaedic surgeons, we provide reconstructive solutions to lower limb trauma in this hospital.